Super Ester & Tamanol

Super Ester & Tamanol (Emulsion Tackifier)

Environmentally Friendly Water-Based (Solvent-Free) Emulsion Tackifier

  • The industry's first environmentally friendly water-based (solvent free) emulsion tackifier that can be used an additive in an adhesive to increase its adhesion.
  • Use with olefin polymers that inherently have poor adhesive properties to make them stickier.
  • For various types of polymers, such as acrylic, EVA, chloroprene and rubber-based polymers.
  • High softening point based emulsion tackifier made from Pensel D and Tamanol provides better adhesive, actual adhesive properties and heat resistance.
Product Base Resin Type Type Solid Content (%) Softening Point (ºC, R&B) pH Viscosity (mPa•s) (25ºC)
SUPER ESTER E-720 Rosin Ester General pPurpose 50-51 92 5-7

200 max.

SUPER ESTER E-730-55 55-56 125 5-7 200 max.
SUPER ESTER E-650 Polymerized ROSIN ESTER High softening point 50-51 160 5-8 200 max.
SUPER ESTER E-865-NT 50-51 160 6-9 20-300
TAMANOL E-102A Terpene Phenolic Resin (Rosin Phenol) High softening point ideal for CR based adhesive 52-54 150 6-9 200 max.
TAMANOL E-200-NT 52-54 150 6-9 1000 max.
Appearance: Milky white emulsion
Characteristics: Excellent stability, low viscosity and wide range of lineup
Use: Emulsion adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive with acrylic emulsion, rubber latexes