Super Ester

Super Ester (Stabilized Rosin Ester)

Better Stability than Our Ester Gum and General Rosin Esters

  • Derived from a natural resin, rosin
  • This resin has a long history as a tackifier for adhesives
  • Compared to our Ester Gum, it has a light-color appearance, is more stable at high temperatures and has good weather resistance
Product Color (Gardner) Softening Point (ºC, R&B) Acid Value
A-75 7 max. 70-80 10 max.
A-100 7 max. 95-105 10 max.
A-115 7 max. 108-120 10 max.
W-100 7 max. 95-105 10 max.
W-115 7 max. 108-120 20 max.
W-125 7 max. 118-130 20 max.
A-18 5 max. Viscosity (mPa・s) about 200 30 max.
KE-364C 14 max. Viscosity (mPa・s) about 1,000 40 max. Hydroxyl Value: 100 (typical)
Characteristics: Good oxidation,weather, heat resistance and good compatibility with EVA, rubbers and acrylic polymer
Use: PSA, HMA and acrylic adhesive