Pinecrystal (Colorless Rosin Derivatives)

World's First Colorless Rosin Derivatives

  • Exclusively available from Arakawa
  • The best transparent on the market
  • Stable color and quality
  • KE-311 is listed on the DMF (Drug Master File)
  • For use in a variety of industries, such as medical, electronics and automotive
Product Type Color (Hasen) Softening Point (ÂșC, R&B) Use
KE-311 Rosin Ester 150 max. 90-100 Pressure sensitive adhesive, adhesive and ink for special purpose
KE-359 150 max. 94-104
KE-100 200 max 95-105
KE-604 Rosin Acid 300 max. 124-134

Soldering flux, adhesive for special purpose

KE-604B 10 max. (Gardner) 125-133
KR-610 150 max. 80-87
KR-612 200 max. 80-90
KR-614 250 max. 84-94
D-6011 Rosin Diol 8 max. (Gardner) 84-99 Polyurethane adhesive and ink
Appearance: Colorless transparent lump. Pale yellow or transparent lump(KE-604B and D-6011)
Characteristics: Excellent stability, ultra light color and some unique chemical structure for special use