Pensel (Rosin Ester)

Tackifier, Adhesive and Chewing Gum Base

  • Ester resin derived from a natural resin, rosin
  • This resin has a long history as a tackifier for adhesives
  • Optimized for hot melt adhesive, good initial color and long-term heat stability
Product Type Color (Gardner or USDA) Acid Value Softening Point (ÂșC, R&B)
GA-85H Hydgogenated Rosin Ester 7 max. 10 max. 81-87
GA-90 Rosin Ester 5 max. 7 max. 87-93
GA-100 5 max. 10-20 100-106
GB-120 7 max. 10-20 116-126
D-125 Polymerized Rosin Ester 13 max. 20 max. 120-130
D-135 13 max. 16 max. 130-140
D-160 13 max. 16 max. 150-165
KK G or bettter 25 max. 165 min.

Pensel GA and GB series
Characteristics: Good oxidation, weather, heat resistance and good compatibility with EVA, rubbers and acrylic polymer
Use: PSA, HMA and acrylic adhesive
Pensel D series and KK
Characteristics: Good heat resistance and adhesion in EVA and acrylic based compound
Use: Acrylic adhesive. Hot melt adhesive. Printing ink