Malkyd™ (Maleic Resin)

Tackifier, Printing Ink and Painting Resin 

  • Our trade name for a maleic rosin and ester, and fumarate rosin and ester
  • Mainly used as a painting resin
  • Relatively high acid value and slightly wider molecular weight distribution
Product Type Color (USDA) Acid Value Softening Point (ºC, R&B)
No. 1 Oil soluble WG or better 25 max. 120-130
No. 5 140-150
No. 2 Lacquer 39 max. 120-130
No. 6 140-150
No. 8 130-140
No. 31 Alcohol Soluble 200 max. 135-145
No. 32 140 max. 130-140
No. 33 290-320 140 min.
3002 I or better 90-110 165-185
Oil soluble type
Feature: Partial compatibility with nitrocellulose, good weather resistance and color retention
Use: Oil vernish, printing ink, enamel and adhesive
Lacquer type
Feature: Very light color, good weather resistance, compatibility and color retention
Use: Clear lacquer, enamel, oil vernish and adhesive
Alcohol soluble
Feature: Good solubility in alcohol
Use: Vernish and ink