Ester Gum (Rosin Ester)

Tackifier, Adhesive and Chewing Gum Base

  • Derived from a natural resin, rosin
  • This resin has a long history as a tackifier for adhesives
Product Type Color (Gardner or USDA) Acid Value Softening Point (ºC, R&B)
AA-G Rosin Ester 7 max. 7 max. 82 min.
AA-L 7 max. 7 max. 82 min.
AA-V 7 max. 7 max. 82 min.
AT 15 max. 10 max. Viscosity (Pa・s) 20-40
H Hydrogenated Rosin Ester WG or bettter 10 max. 68 min.
HP M or better 20 max. 80 min.
HT 13 max. 15 max. -
Ester Gum AA-G
Characteristics: Deodorized Rosin Ester for chewing gum
Use: Gum base for chewing gum, approved food additive in various countries/regions
Ester Gum series
Characteristics: Good compatibility with rubber, EVA and acrylic polymer
Use: HMA, PSA and coating