Arkon (Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin)

Colorless, Transparent Resin, FDA Listed

  • Arakawa is the pioneer of hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin that is colorless, transparent, tasteless and odorless, and with excellent heat resistance.
  • Arkon P-100 is listed on the DMF (Drug Master File)
  • Good weather resistance, odorless. Good compatibility with EVA and block rubber
  • Ideal for pressure sensitive adhesive and hot melt adhesive
Product Type Color (Hasen) Softening Point (ÂșC, R&B)
P-90 Fully Hydrogenated 100 max. 90±5
P-100 100±5
P-115 115±5
P-125 125±5
P-140 140±5
M-90 Partially Hydrogenated 90±5
M-100 100±5
M-115 115±5
M-135 135±5
Appearance: Colorless transparent pellet
Characteristics: Good weather resistance, odorless and good compatibility with EVA, rubbers and poly orefines
Use: Ideal for pressure sensitive adhesive, hot melt adhesive and poly orefine midifier