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Arakawa Chemical (USA) Inc. has been providing solutions for the Americas with the support of a global technology and manufacturing team behind them for over 30 years. Arakawa's history began in 1876 in Japan with rosin chemistry and modificaiton. From these roots, we have evolved over the past 140 years to become a technology leader in other areas having introduced the world's first water white hydrocarbon tackifier in ARKON. We continue to remain committed to making improvements in rosin modification - creating the only colorless, odorless rosin derivative in PINECRYSTAL. Arakawa's market focus in the Americas is in supplying to hot melts, sealant, PSA, tapes, plastic film modification among other adhesive applications. Our pledge is to bring the most consistent, clear, and high quality products to the market.

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Our own pioneering technologies for rosin chemistry have become a core of our current business activities. Arakawa is also a global leader in hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin. Therefore, Arakawa has the ability to provide a solution whether your needs are for a natural or synthetic product. We use these raw materials to develop intermediate materials such as papermaking chemicals, printing ink resins, adhesive resins and tackifying resins of high quality and performance. Featuring attributes such as color and strength remain the hallmark of our products. Our company's rosin based business for papermaking chemicals and resin-based products are among the most trusted products in the world and have the largest market shre in Japan. Our rosin-based diversification of technology has been contributing to the development of advanced technologies in the electronics industry and other industries. We are committed to continuously contributing to the development of an environmentally friendly society and the welfare of the world.



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